About Us

"Rehltak.com", the prominent brand of the business unit dedicated to customers, which came to meet the needs of travelers in Palestine and abroad. The company was established in Palestine as an electronic company and is in the process of developing its business into a multi-channel company that provides a smooth and comfortable customer experience through the latest electronic platforms and travel agencies spread throughout Palestine and customer service centers.


The company provides its customers with ease, convenience and multiple solutions to make hotel reservations with more than 1.5 million hotels around the world and tours, in addition to integrated vacation packages. Rehltak.com is your gateway to the world of travel and your first destination for planning a trip beyond expectations.


"Rehltak.com" puts its customers at the top of its priorities to offer them the best offers and products that meet their aspirations. Its leadership has been drawn from the distinguished leadership, which has its roots in Palestine, and whose "Rehltak.com" has greatly assisted in understanding the needs of the Palestinian market and meeting the aspirations of diverse travelers.


Holiday packages, various travel offers, 24/7 customer service centers, and a travel advisory service available at local branches provide a competitive advantage in the local market, all of which stems from the company's constant keenness to meet travelers' needs, and give them an easy and comfortable booking experience. .


Through its services that are compatible with travelers' choices and aspirations, and the latest, safest and easiest payment methods, "Rehltak.com" is the perfect choice for travel whether you want to go on a leisure or religious trip, a business trip, or a family trip full of adventures.


"Rehltak.com" seeks to give its travelers in Palestine and abroad a reservation experience that exceeds expectations, through its distinguished offers and its constant endeavor to develop its products and study the travelers' needs. We always look forward to giving you the opportunity to enjoy unforgettable times with family and friends.